Book Medicine at sea


Medicine at sea
First aid, diagnosis, treatment
Jens Kohfahl

Book (Hardback)

Medicine at sea: The standard reference work for medical emergencies on board
A broken bone in a heavy swell, a seasick passenger or emergency care for a crew member after being rescued from the water - medical emergencies at sea are a major challenge. special Requirements for first aiders and ship's doctors.

What belongs in the emergency kit? Which first aid measures are suitable in which situation? How can accidents be prevented in advance? The comprehensive first aid manual provides answers to all the important questions and helps recreational skippers, cruising sailors and professional sailors to keep a cool head in an emergency.

- The fourth edition of the standard work on the subject of medicine on board: tips and instructions from accident prevention to resuscitation

- First aid for emergencies such as breathlessness, unconsciousness, bleeding, drowning, burns and more

- Medicine for non-medics: How to recognise, interpret and treat illnesses and symptoms as a layperson

- Tips and information on setting up the on-board pharmacy in accordance with the cruising area

- With an index of medical terms in German and English

The comprehensive first aid book for recreational skippers and professional sailors

In the harbour, it usually only takes a few minutes for the emergency doctor to arrive. But in emergency situations at sea, the wait for professional help can take hours or even days. This makes it all the more important for skippers and crew members to provide competent first aid.