Appointment booking

Here you can book a consultation appointment via video call or a teleordination appointment with German-speaking doctors.

Emergency phone number (without internet) works with prior free registration.

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Frequently asked questions and answers​

The Sailing Ambulance specializes in ship travelers who are in foreign countries or areas and do not have the opportunity to get to a doctor or to obtain a professional diagnosis and treatment proposal.

But she also looks after all other people, whether at home or on a trip, who turn to her with questions or problems. 

1.) The Sailing Ambulance will put you in touch with medical specialists using teleordinations, regardless of where you are.

You can use your online medical consultation or online treatment via video telephony at the booked appointment without waiting. You can choose between a planned appointment during surgery hours and, in the event of problems that cannot be postponed, an acute and emergency appointment around the clock 24/7

2.) The Sailing Ambulance advises and supports you in the medical planning of a trip, including the preparation of the necessary emergency material, medication and medical equipment as well as the remaining medical preparations, such as recommended vaccinations for the planned travel area.

3.) The Sailing Ambulance sells medical equipment for your planned trip and advises you on what makes sense for it.

You don't need a special program for this. All you have to do is click on the Internet link created for you and sent by e-mail and you are already connected to the specialist. The video call also works from a tablet or smartphone.

This requires internet access.

Payment is made when booking the appointment using a secure
Payment transaction via PayPal  

When booking teleordination, medical advice or treatment or when purchasing medical equipment via the web shop, there is a contractual relationship between you and the Sailing Ambulance.
In addition, if you seek medical advice or treatment, include and sign a contract directly with the respective medical specialist.

You book an appointment as required by selecting the type of appointment you want under Teleordination and then choosing the date and time in the calendar provided. You can also click directly on the button or the respective image on the start page (Home).

If you have an urgent problem, click on today's date and use the next available time. These are visible every 5 minutes.

Depending on the scope, this costs between €80 and €150.

You can submit the invoice saved in your user account to your health insurance company to get a partial refund. However, the Sailing Ambulance does not guarantee reimbursement of costs by public or private health insurance providers.

At the request of the doctors at the beginning of the video call, identification takes place using an official photo ID. We ask you to have this ready at the beginning of the conversation.  

Yes, this is offered via the button: Teleordination: acute and emergency appointment. This one is all around the clock Available 7 days a week (24/7)

You can make an inquiry via:

  • Email at
  • Telephone on +43 664 3404951
  • The homepage and offered chat in the lower right corner at "Let's Chat"
Yes, you can have your online medical file deleted at any time by the Sailing Ambulance. Your Specialist consultations that have already been completed are previously given to the respective advisory and the doctor treating you, so that your sensitive data can be processed according to the respective legal regulations can archive.
Only you and the doctor treating you have access to your user account. you get for it an access code and password.